Islanders — assemble! With perhaps one of the most iconic TV show commentators (Matthew Hoffman) and a picturesque tropical paradise, Love Island USA rings in viewers every summer with its sizzling, dramatic events. And while some relationships sadly didn’t last, a few others have survived! So, which couples from season 3 are still together?

Although Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy were the winners of the season, they sadly called it quits in November 2021. Korey was the one who broke the news to fans that month in an Instagram post.

“Alright, so I figured I’d get up here and address the question I get at least 20 times a day,” he began in his lengthy caption. “Are me and Olivia still together? I feel like I owe everyone an answer, so the answer is unfortunately ‘no,’ we are not anymore.”

The reality star continued in his announcement, “My time with Liv taught me so much about myself. I realized I can be vulnerable again and truly care for someone. When we were on Love Island, everything was perfect and I can say that was honestly the happiest moment of my life. Unfortunately that’s not real life and In the real world we’re now faced with real world challenges. Some that we couldn’t overcome…. We went through that experience together and no one can ever take that away from us.”

Despite their split, Korey insisted he would “always respect her and care for [Olivia]” and described her as “one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, inside and out.”

Fans of the CBS series saw that true love can happen on the show with lovebirds Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein! The couple were a fan-favorite to win the $100,000 prize, especially after Josh adorably asked her to be his girlfriend on their first official date.

However, they had to exit the show early when Josh found out his sister Lindsey Goldstein had tragically died. Shannon seemingly stayed by his side throughout the grieving process, and they both got even closer, celebrating the winter holidays together at the end of 2021. In early 2022, the pair moved to Florida together.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life,” Shannon captioned a sweet Instagram video post that February. “Thank you for always being there for me! I’m so happy we get to celebrate in our new apartment in Florida together. This is our year.”

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