NFL player Isaac Rochell may be successful on the field, but his most significant win was marrying his wife, Allison Rochell (née Kuch). The social media personality is a TikTok sensation and gained a huge following for her witty, candid videos.

While promoting her partnership with Bounty ahead of the February 2023 Super Bowl, Allison exclusively tells Life & Style that she “loves the messiest foods” to eat while watching the big game! Additionally, she gushes about her ambitious business endeavors, her and Isaac’s sweet relationship and her TikTok stardom. 

Keep reading to learn more about Allison’s career, her marriage and more. 

What Is Allison Kuch’s Job?

The California resident is known for her hilarious TikTok content, and she acknowledged that social media has evolved, reflecting on her successful career in an “emotional” January 2023 Instagram post

“Sharing my life has came easy,” she wrote at the time. “Back when I got my first laptop, I would spend hours recording and editing (cringe) videos of me and my friends. Back then, even though social media was new, I felt like it lacked representation. Representation in life struggles, in realness, in vulnerability. I struggled with my self-perception for a long time. I hated that I was taller than 99 [percent] of my grade. I hated that I had horrible acne. I hated looking up to people that had unachievable lifestyles. … I will never take this for granted.”

While speaking exclusively with Life & Style, Allison teases a few new ideas she has in mind for future TikTok content. 

Who Is Isaac Rochell’s Wife Allison Kuch? Job, Marriage
Courtesy of Allison Rochell/Instagram

“TikTok has given me such an amazing platform to talk about, all of the things football, all the behind the scenes, which I loved showing,” she explains. “But there are definitely so many different sides to both myself and my husband that I definitely plan to show in the future. And one of those is interior design.” 

Apart from creating fun content for her fans, the football enthusiast is also an Airbnb host. 

“I do have two rental properties,” she says, adding that she and Isaac will “start renovating this current house and probably a few more investment properties along the way.” 

The couple recently moved from Cleveland to California, and Allison gushes that she and her husband “love it here so much.” 

Where Did Allison Kuch Go to College?

The social media star studied interior design at Michigan State University. 

How Did Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch Meet?

Allison loves featuring Isaac on her TikTok account, and fans can’t get enough of their adorable love story. 

“We met in college,” the Experience Margot Airbnb host recalls. “I was visiting at Notre Dame. I actually went to Michigan State. It was just a friend of a friend, and we hit it off and did long distance all throughout college, did long-distance when he was in the NFL. And now, we’re finally getting to soak in spending time with one another.” 

Despite seeing how some disagree with long-distance relationships, Allison says it “allowed [her and Isaac] to grow outside of [their] relationship because when [they] met, [they] were 19.” 

“I love long-distance,” she continues. “It definitely gave me the opportunity to, like, hang out with my friends when I was with my friends, and then hang out with him when I was with him. So, really, like divide the two.” 

When Did Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch Get Married?

The couple tied the knot in a beautiful April 2021 wedding ceremony in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. While the duo gained a following for their sweet love story, they still occasionally deal with critics. One of the most noticeable misconceptions about Allison, she says, is that people accuse her of being “in it for the money” or “using [Isaac] for clout.” However, she doesn’t let it bring her down. 

“But I think that’s why I love social media. I can show them the reality of our relationship, like, the behind the scenes,” she explains, adding that she loves to show “Isaac being his goofy self and not Isaac behind the helmet.” 


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