The job opportunity of a data scientist increased by 56% in the United States alone. As time goes by, the demand for the post of data scientist jobs grows and that is why we are going to discuss with you why is it happening so. Let’s find out.

A few years back in 2015, the job opportunities for the data scientists were enormous in the USA that resulted in it to become a highly competitive field back in those days. By the year 2018, however, the situation changed and according to various reports, it was seen that there was a dearth for data scientists in the USA. The records were seen to be off the charts and that was a problem.

But, what exactly is the problem? Well, data is slowly yet steadily becoming the world’s most valuable and important resource in the current time. Without data there is not much we can do in our daily lives. Hence, it is crucial to make use of data to help make our lives better. More and more companies in different industries are relying heavily on the kind of data they have for using them to expand their business. Skills like that of data analysis and machine learning have grown to be essential across the industry for data science career.

Organizations in IT and IT-enabled services function based on the data source from end-users. With these data, the developers figure out new insights for customer problems and arrive at expected decisions. Developers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts involve in the tasks of data cleansing, processing, ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading), algorithm development, data analysis, and data visualization. Mostly programming languages such as Python, Java, R, Matlab are widely applied for data science. Data Scientists find their suitable role in the organizations in developing the programs for data cleansing, manipulation, analytics, visualization, and reporting.

Internet services and mobility solutions lead to collect more data from end-users that further create demand for data analytics. Numerous developers from different technological backgrounds shift their focus toward data science career. Thus, data scientists are expected to have more scope in the upcoming years and data scientist jobs remain to be of high salary profiles.

Data analysis and machine learning remain the top primary skills that employers are looking for in individuals these days so that they can use data for the benefit of the organization and prove to be profitable in the long run.


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