Not quite paradise? Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco hit it off from night one during season 19, but a lot of drama has transpired between them since then. Keep reading for spoilers about what happens between them.

Are Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Still Together?

Tino, 28, proposes to Rachel, 26, during the season finale after receiving her final rose, according to Reality Steve. However, their whirlwind romance appears to be short-lived because they have since split.

Are Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Still Together? Finale Spoilers About If They're Engaged
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Why Did Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Split?

Teasers for the Bachelorette two-part finale, which airs on Monday, September 12, and Tuesday, September 13, show Rachel getting into an explosive fight with one of her contestants. 

The leading lady can be heard telling someone that they were “shattering everything that you promised me.” In another clip, Rachel accuses someone of “[changing] your story so many times,” before stating that she was “done.”

“There’s no way this works out,” a visibly shaken Tino begged through tears. “Please just keep me out of this. Let me out!”

The turmoil seems to be ongoing for Rachel during the emotional finale. “You’re lying straight to my face,” the pilot later said. “I want an answer for why you did what you did.”

Looking closely at the backgrounds, it appears many of the shots show Rachel and Tino at the same location — a white house with a pool. Considering the finale was filmed in Mexico, it’s possible the home is where they resided for a “happy couple weekend” post-filming.

It’s still unclear what transpired between Rachel and Tino that made their relationship end on such an explosive note, but the exes will most likely sit down together during After the Final Rose to spill some serious tea.

That being said, it wasn’t completely smooth sailing for Tino and Rachel during the season. Cracks in their relationship started to show during hometown dates where it was clear that the contractor’s family was not on board with their quickie romance or the idea that they would be getting engaged after just a few weeks of knowing each other.

Tino then said he found it “mind-boggling” that Rachel still wanted to explore things with her other two finalistsAven Jones and Zach Shallcross, during fantasy suite dates.

“I certainly don’t need to sleep with anybody else,” the California native said during a private interview. 

Once he finally got to spend time with Rachel, he aired his grievances about the experience. “Every second I have to wait to get more time with you is like nails on a chalkboard for me,” he told the leading lady about the “challenging” format of their courtship.

When Rachel said she wanted to shift gears to talk about their rocky hometown date and not receiving his family’s approval, Tino seemed to have a lot of nervous energy and couldn’t fully answer her questions. However, the date ended with the two exchanging I love you’s. 

Did Tino Franco Cheat on Rachel Recchia?

The explosive finale and Rachel’s cryptic quotes had fans wondering if any infidelity happened between the two, especially after Reality Steve reported that the two were not on speaking terms before their official split. However, neither Rachel nor Tino has spoken about the reason behind their breakup.

Time will tell what really transpired between Rachel and Tino. In the meantime, check out spoilers about Gabby Windey’s finale, including what happens between her and Erich Schwer.  


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