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This holiday season patients are clamoring for a look that is both opulently glamorous yet completely natural. It’s no easy feat to walk this cosmetic tight rope request but that’s why the “Lip Flip” it is so wildly popular during the holidays.

I reached out to providers at the nations leading aesthetic dermatology group of who implement more lip flips than anyone in the world to get their personal and professional opinions on this quick and easy, sought after treatment!

“While traditional lip augmentation, volumizes the upper and lower lip by injecting a hylaurqnic acid like Juvederm Ultra or Revanesse Lips +, the ‘Lip Flip’ is a more subtle and natural looking alternative,” notes aesthetic nurse practitioner Mitra Enders. “A small amount of botulinum toxin like Botox Cosmetic or Xeomin is injected into a part of the upper edge of the patient’s lip called the vermillion border. This relaxes the muscles around the lip to ‘flip,’ or evert, just a tiny bit upwards, making the upper lips slightly larger and exposing more of the soft, mucosal side of the lip.”

“Although only small amounts of neuromodulators are used for the ‘Lip Flip’, you do have to be expertly trained on this precise, minimally invasive, treatment,” notes aesthetic nurse Jessica Graybill. “Like all aesthetic injections, perfect placement of this product is an imperative part of an outstanding clinical outcome. And if you want absolutely stunning lips, finish off your regular lip filler with a ‘Lip Flip!’ It’s the icing on the cake!”

“Because it’s only a few very tiny injections, implemented with an extremely small needle, the ‘Lip Flip’ really doesn’t hurt at all!” notes aesthetic nurse Chelsea Nathie. “Better still, it takes only about a minute for the entire treatment process!”

“Traditional neurotoxin injections last approximately 12 weeks,” says aesthetic nurse practitioner Morgan Wolf. “And while the ‘Lip Flip’ may last this long and some people, it’s more likely that it will last about four to six weeks because of the tiny volumes used. As such, patient shouldn’t be surprised that they may need a ‘Lip Flip’ more frequently than Botox Cosmetic and Xeomin injections in their forehead, their frown lines, or around their eyes. But the good news is that because the lip flip uses so few units, it’s very inexpensive!”

“The fastest way to prep your lips for holiday parties or that New Year’s Eve kiss,” says aesthetic nurse Corey Ordoyne, “is a simple ‘Lip Flip’ with Xeomin or Botox Coametic! You can achieve luscious, kissable lips with no down time, so make it the first thing you check off your holiday to do list!”

“The ‘lip flip’ is all the rage these days,” notes aesthetic nurse practitioner Emily Perbellini. “It’s so safe and simple and perfect for that naughty, yet natural, holiday pout under the mistletoe!”


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