Recently, it has been found that Microsoft Office, Data Analytics and Virtual Assistant are the top most-wanted job skills. Employers are looking for those who are more confident and expert in virtual assistance which was previously in the tenth most important skill to possess and is currently in the second position. The huge leap from 7,925 to 12,329 jobs represents that there is a 56% increase in the demand for this particular job. The demand for AI or Artificial Intelligence has grown on a global scale and it is the rationale behind companies trying hard to recruit potential virtual assistants for their business.

Microsoft Office has experienced a tremendous change in the demand for jobs as well. Under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, the need for Microsoft Office was more prominent in the industry. The demand for Microsoft Office skills was declining at a rapid rate however after 2018, it has been on the rise. In the Q3 of 2019, the demand was more than 54%.

The demand for Data Analytics is also much higher than ever before. Employers who want skilled workers in their company are looking for those who can analyze and interpret data easily. The individuals should also identify the upcoming trends and work on them. This bump is quite big as observed by Freelancer.com, which witnessed growth in data analytic jobs from 1114 to 1770.
The rapid pace of the digital transformation creates demand for the above-mentioned job skills. Hence, if you are looking for work in the IT sector, then these are the top 3 skills that you would want to develop in the long run.


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