Musical artist and actress Willow Smith has grown into the successful and stunning woman she is today. From starring in hit shows and movies such as I Am Legend to releasing songs, including her platinum-certified single “Whip My Hair,” the Los Angeles native continues to be a force in Hollywood. When she’s taking some time off from the hustle and bustle of show business, Willow occasionally hits the beach to don a stunning bikini or swimsuit

“Just a little reminder that our value as humans doesn’t [lie] in our external abilities or productivity,” the “21st Century Girl” singer captioned an Instagram video in July 2022, featuring her rocking a red two-piece in the water. “Our value is innate, equal and bestowed upon us by <The Divine> [sic]. I’ve been struggling with this recently [and] it truly breaks my heart when I allow myself to stray from that mental and emotional path.” 

Willow concluded her post by reminding her followers to “just know you are loved, naturally significant and valuable, no matter what the world or your insecurities have made you believe.”

In the past, the Red Table Talk cohost has opened up about struggling with body image.  

“Curvier women and curvier girls have always gotten more attention from body that I’ve liked,” she said in an episode of the show in May 2018. “Then you start to wonder, ‘Dang, am I not desirable?’ It does get really hard for a lot of girls.” 

However, Willow later found a healthy relationship with her self-perception after she started working out to gain muscle. 

“I was like, ‘You know what? I want to grow. I want to get buff,’” she told Glamour in November 2018. “This is my chance to get buff. I’m trying the buff vibe. I squatted 115 pounds the other day. I love it. I used to do a lot of cardio, go to SoulCycle the whole time, but now, I do way less cardio. I probably only do 30 minutes twice a week and lift weights the rest of the week.”

The Young Artist Award winner continued, “It makes me feel good. That feeling of after you work out and you walk out with a little sweat and dew on you, it’s the best feeling [sic]. Your mind is calm. It’s made me feel more in [tune] with my body than ever before.”

Willow also talked about her eating habits, noting that she doesn’t “really have a cheat day” because she was “trying to gain muscle and weight.” 

“The more I eat, the more it will create muscle,” she concluded. “There are two types of working out — to lose weight, which everyone swears by, but there’s a balance between losing weight and gaining muscle. You have to eat more than usual to gain muscle. There is a myth that losing weight and being the skinniest thing is where it’s at, but, realistically, being skinny doesn’t mean [you’re] healthy or fit.”

Scroll down to see Willow’s best bikini moments over the years! 


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