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Meta, the corporate entity behind social media platforms Instagram, and Facebook, announced that NFT (non-fungible token) support allows cross-posting between the two major social media platforms. This digital collectible-sharing capability was made possible by Meta’s support for Web3 wallet and NFT in 100 countries over the first week.

Meta Continues to Roll Out NFT as Social Media Giant Introduces ‘Ability To Post Digital Collectibles’
Meta Platforms, Inc., (Nasdaq META) announced that it is “introducing digital collectibles” to Instagram and Facebook. Meta shared the information via Twitter, and shared a May blog post that is updated regularly.

Meta posted about NFT cross-posting compatibility for Facebook and Instagram. It received a few responses from people who liked it and others who ridiculed the NFT concept. said that Meta’s NFT cross-posting compatibility was “bullish”.


While the NFT announcement was being mocked, said Meta that he would post the jpeg instead. A few also shared screenshots showing the ability to cross-post NFTs between Instagram and Facebook.We’re continuing to roll out digital collectibles via Facebook and Instagram. As such, people can now post digital collectibles they have on both Facebook and Instagram. People will be able to link their digital wallets to both apps once they have completed the process. This will allow them to share digital collectibles between both.

Meta announced NFT support for 100 countries on August 29th and added the ability to connect to third-party wallets like Metamask or Rainbow. Meta also announced on August 4th that the digital collectibles feature would support blockchains such as Flow, Ethereum and Polygon. Meta stated that there are no fees for sharing or posting a digital collectible on Instagram or Facebook.

Twitter Blue Labs , the company’s social media competitor, launched non-fungible token assistance via Twitter Blue Labs . Twitter Blue Labs allows users to upload longer videos, use 1080p quality and have a NFT profile picture. Meta has integrated Flow, Polygon, but Twitter supports only static NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721, EC1155).


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