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Yuga Labs successfully completed Wednesday’s first load test for Otherside metaverse. The game allows users to turn their NFTs into playable characters, and land holders were enthusiastic about it. Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, performed the first load test in the Otherside metaverse on Wednesday afternoon.

The 25-minute test for the game, which allows users to turn their NFTs into playable character creations, took place. To verify Otherdeed ownership, a gas-less signature was required to enter the test.

Yuga Labs received positive feedback from land owners, which Yuga Labs will include in the final version. Adam Hollander, who is the owner of 20 Otherdeeds, had difficulty logging in at first. He stated that he was able to log in after a few difficulties. He said that thousands of players could run around 3D models and without any lag.

TropoFarmer, a NFT collector, streamed it on Twitch. Hollander’s reaction was very similar to his.

He said that the experience was “incredible smooth”, and that there was no input or visual lag. “Movement felt fluid, enjoyable, and supported 2500+ concurrent users in one instance is insanely impressive.”

Wednesday’s experience seemed to be a stripped-down version of the one that will take place on July 16. Today’s test included a white space with over 21,000 avatars roaming in it.

Garga.eth, co-founder of Bored Ape Yacht Club, said on Twitter: “Thanks everybody who came out to stress check this.” “Had approximately 2.5k concurrent users roaming around in neutral space. To ensure First Trip runs smoothly and to take all your notes from Discord, there is tons of information.

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