On his own journey for love! Zach Shallcross didn’t make it to Rachel Recchia‘s final two after an overnight date that seemingly went wrong. However, he’s gearing up for his stint as the Bachelor during the show’s forthcoming 27th season.

During the Bachelorette live finale on September 20, host introduced viewers to Zach as the show’s newest lead. “There’s no words. I’m just taking this in right now,” Zach said when he stepped on stage. “I’m really nervous but this is once in a lifetime. I’ll be ready.”

Weeks prior to his Bachelor announcement, the Anaheim Hills, California, native self-eliminated following his fantasy suite date with Rachel. Following their split, Zach is ready to jump into a second change at love.

“There’s really two main things that I look for and first is how kind and compassionate they are. I think that’s something that’s pretty rare nowadays,” Zach told People after he was named the Bachelor. “The other thing is having someone that loves to do fun, adventurous stuff with me, whether it’s traveling, trying cool foods.”

He also hopes that fans will get a change to see his “fun, goofy” side during his season.

“I like to think I am a romantic, but it’s not all serious with me. I like to have a good time,” he also told People, noting that a major thing he learned from The Bachelorette was how romantic he can actually be.

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was I’m a guy that typically wears his heart on his sleeve,” he shared. “If you can show your emotions and not be scared about it, I really think that’s an important attribute, but in my case, I think I fell in love really hard and really fast and I didn’t necessarily take a step back and look at the entire situation from her perspective.”

During The Bachelorette live finale, Zach’s journey began when he met five of his upcoming suitors and viewers voted via social media to give one of them a first impression rose. Scroll through the gallery to meet the women competing on The Bachelor season 27. 


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