Actress Zoey Deutch has won audiences’ hearts in such rom-coms as Set It Up and Why Him? When she has her own personal time to vacation and hang out with friends, Zoey always looks incredible in a bikini!

The Not Okay star accompanied her bikini-loving bestie, fellow actress Nina Dobrev, on a June 2022 vacation to the Maldives. The pair appeared in each other’s Instagram photos, having a total blast playing in the Indian Ocean, having cocktails on the beach, and hanging out with their respective boyfriends. While Nina is in a high-profile romance with former Olympic snowboarding legend Shaun White, Zoey is in a relationship actor and YouTube personality Jimmy Tatro.

The two quietly dated under the radar for more than a year before Zoey made him Instagram official in February 2022 to celebrate the comedian’s birthday. Next to a series of photos that included loved-up snapshots of the pair’s vacations from tropical paradises to Utah’s luxury Amangiri resort, Zoey sweetly wrote, “Happy 30th to my one and only Jim.” Several of the photos included Zoey rocking sexy swimwear, including a tiny bikini while kissing during a beach sunset. Since then, the pair regularly appear on each other’s accounts. 

The Politician star comes from a famous family, as her mom is actress Lea Thompson, best known for her starring role in the Back to the Future, and director Howard Deutch. Having parents in the industry taught Zoey important values that have helped shape her career as a hard-working actress.

“Look, all artists pull from their personal experiences, and anyone who tells you that isn’t the case is out of their mind. But growing up in this business definitely gave me a unique perspective on the job,” Zoey told Capitol File magazine in May 2018, adding, “I learned early on to value preparation. I take that seriously.”

She continued, “I want to have the opportunity to play different people and keep mixing it up,” of her role choices noting, “That’s important to me.” With her body of work so far, Zoey has proven to be very adept and slipping into a variety of characters … in addition to bikinis!

Scroll down for Zoey’s most gorgeous bikini photos. 


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